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Memoirs of The Lord of The Strings

A Work of Genius, in Progress

27 October 1981
Like few others using this thing, I'm out of college. I'm 27 years old and I have a degree. Bitches. But if you're reading this, you probably already know that.
I play bass guitar, cello, and other instruments, I suppose. I like to write music, listen to all different kinds (especially progressive rock/metal and hard rock) but as much different stuff as classical, blues, classic rock, and more. I like writing fiction, poetry, etc.
I'm pretty big into film and DVD collecting, as well.
I am a sexual dinosaur. I am a technocratic beast. In my world, things are never seen or heard, but felt. The extent of my words is long and far-reaching. I like fuzzy things, like coats, food, and chinchillas.
Other than that, I'm Austin and I'm bored.
1981, 24, 8-bit theater, a clash of kings, a density of souls, a feast for crows, a game of thrones, a storm of swords, aliens, anime, anthrax, apple juice, ayreon, b.c. rich, b.s. in communication, back to the future, bag of bones, bebop, berserk, black crowes, black sabbath, bnb, bozzio levin stevens, c93, calvin and hobbes, cats, chapman stick, chicken fingers, clarion, corrosion of conformity, cowboy bebop, daisy, dane cook, dante, dave, dead soul tribe, devin townsend band, dr. pepper, dream theater, dvorak, ebay, escaflowne, evergrey, falling leaves, foreign films, gallien-krueger amps, german(y), girl named jessica, glenn beck program, gnome rogues, grand theft auto, greg howard, greg the bunny, grieg, heartwoodes straps, hellsing, highlander, homestar runner, homestaw wunnow, iced earth, iced tea, init zer0, iron maiden, jack nicholson, jay, joe satriani, journey, kamelot, kill bill, king's x, led zeppelin, liszt, max payne, mazda, mel gibson, mike's hard lemonade, mojo, monkeys, monty python, mortimer, mountain dew, mr. show, mudvayne, nachos, new england patriots, ninja scroll, october, opeth, pain of salvation, peter gabriel, pizza hut sicilian pizza, playing bass, playing cello, playing guitar, playing other things poorly, porcupine tree, predators, princess mononoke, psychonauts, pure pwnage, rabbits, randal, reb beach, rotosound strings, saber marionette j, sean connery, sega saturn, sevendust, shining force, silent bob, simply orange, smirnoff ice, snow, south carolina, south park, space ghost, spawn, spock's beard, springtime, star wars games, stephen king, steve vai, steven spielberg, stuffed cauliflower, symphony x, t-shirt hell, tak matsumoto, tenacious d, the gathering, the godfather, the jesserizer, the simpsons, the sims, the sopranos, tigger, tony levin, transatlantic, transformers, twelve kingdoms, undead priests, upright citizens brigade, volvo, warren demontague, washburn, wcuc 91.7 fm, wearing cool hats, winger, working in radio, world of warcraft, x